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Happy New Year

January 11, 2023

Welcome to 2023! We hope your holidays were great.  Now comes the times of new year's resolutions and new beginnings. For the markets many of us are anxiously awaiting the new beginnings. 2023 does look to have a mixed bag in store for us but overall should take us out of the doldrums of 2022. Watch for your tax documents form both Raymond James and, for those who have Level Four Financial accounts, Tax documents from there too.  Make sure that you take both to your CPA as they look similar. If you have any questions about them give our office a call and we will make sure that you have all sets that are sent to you.  They should be good this year as we found an opportunity for exercising some "tax harvesting" for those of you who have non-qualified accounts (those that are not retirement accounts). This should give you an extra tax benefit this year. For those of you that have direct annuities make sure that you watch for any 1099's coming from that source as well. 

We will be soon announcing our new online webinar series that will update clients on performance of our models, strategies going forward as well as pure educational series throughout the year. Watch for that announcement! when you see it, contact the office for your viewing information.  Also watch for further growth announcements throughout the quarter.  We have much planned for this year.

The new year is also a good time to take inventory of your financial wellness goals and progress.  We invite each and every one of you to call our office to schedule an update appointment where you may bring us up to date on your life and youre goals as we bring you up to date on your portfolios, your progress toward your identified goals and the financial environment in which we all operate. 

As many have asked for outlooks on 2023, we will be positing ours soon via one of the afore mentioned webinars. We have included here an update from Raymond James' experts with their view on the economy and the markets. Click here  Raymond James' outlook for 2023 Take a moment to review and let us know any questions you may have about the information. 

Here's wishing you, your families and your companies or associations the best that 2023 has to offer. Let's together make it a great year in accomplishing you goals.